Introducing Do

The past few months I’ve been busy building an app for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Do is a Todo list with reminders that will help you to get the important tasks done.

Do uses many technologies introduced in the Mango update including SQL CE database, Reminders and Live Tiles. The UI makes extensive use of the Telerik Windows Phone Controls for transitions, ListBox and date & time pickers. Features to be included in future updates include Calendar Appointments, Recurring Tasks, Location, Tags, Search and plenty more.

There has been plenty said on the development platform for Windows Phone and I can only add to the praise heaped on the tools. The barrier to entry is very low but the skill required to build a quality app is no different to developing software for any platform, be it web or PC. I’ve found it takes some time to properly understand the Metro theme and I still have some work to do before Do is done.

The link above opens to Windows Phone Marketplace where you can learn more about Do and install onto your Windows Phone.

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