My approach to learning a new programming language involves reading and hands on practice, combined with a clear objective of what I want to accomplish. My initial objective in learning Objective-C is just to have fun and enjoy the intrinsic value of doing something because I want to. Where it will lead is unknown. I have some interest in music and photography that I would like to explore from a programmers perspective, but that is obviously after learning the basics. My first target in learning Objective-C is to build an application harness that will run on OS X and provide a foundation for any applications I decide to build in the future.

There are a lot of resources online for learning Objective-C, just choosing where to begin is a challenge though! These Tutorials for iOS were enough to get me started, as well as books on Programming OS X and Objective-C. These resources are fully updated with the latest improvements Apple has made to Xcode and Objective-C. The addition of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) is enough to make any Windows developer happy. The image shows the first iteration of my OS X harness with Toolbar, SplitView and Alert. Source code is available on my SkyDrive, from the link below.

Screen Shot

Download source (431 KB)

Written by Mark Brownsword

I've been working as an enterprise developer for more than 15 years, always using .NET platform and recently building for iOS with Swift. My degree is in Business Studies, majoring in information systems, where I learnt the fundamentals of software engineering for building systems for business.

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