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Setup MacBook for node.js Development

I’ve recently setup a new MacBook (1.2GHz, 512GB Flash Storage) for developing node.js based React and Express applications. I chose this MacBook for its portability and high resolution display. The following is a log of […]

Software Engineering on an Apple Mac

I have observed a lot of software engineers using Apple Macs for web development. But this is not the case in Australia, at least in my experience, probably because the emphasis is more on building […]

Learning SpriteKit

I’ve always admired gaming for the way it pushes boundaries of hardware and software, but didn’t think I would want to actually be a games programmer because the technology was low level and not relevant […]

Building an iPad App

For the last six months I’ve been quietly working away on an iPad app with the goal to get experience developing for iOS. Given that there are many alternate routes a developer can take, the […]

Learning iPad Development

The iPad is described as a Post PC device and part of what is known as Ubiquitous Computing (described by Wikipedia as “Machines that fit the human environment instead of forcing humans to enter theirs”). […]