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Thank God the French exist

For the past decade I have been bombarded with the advice that web technology (HTML, CSS & Javascript) is the future of software development. Now that the desktop era has given way to the mobile […]

MvcBuildViews is incompatible with Web Deploy

I implemented Web Deploy Packaging in my Business Intelligence application and found that it breaks MvcBuildViews. This happens because Web Deploy copies the components required for deployment into a sub-folder (under obj folder), duplicating the […]

Windows Phone 7 Dollar Key

I was writing an email today on the Windows Phone 7 and goodness me, where is the dollar ($) key? The keyboard setting for Australia is English (UK) and the only visible currency symbol is […]

My Epiphany

Recently I’ve groked standards based web technology in a way that can only be described as an epiphany. This doesn’t mean I’ve turned my back on what I’ve known before, rather it means I’ve seen […]