Category: Technical

Building an iPad App

For the last six months I’ve been quietly working away on an iPad app with the goal to get experience developing for iOS. Given that there are many alternate routes a developer can take, the […]

Learning iPad Development

The iPad is described as a Post PC device and part of what is known as Ubiquitous Computing (described by Wikipedia as “Machines that fit the human environment instead of forcing humans to enter theirs”). […]

Animating Hello Cocoa!

From my early days of software development I’ve had a passion for layout and building the harness that loads views on demand from a menu. I’ve been able to express this passion using many technologies […]

More Hello Cocoa!

This is the second iteration of a Hello World Application in Cocoa, enhanced with a sidebar typical of many Mac applications. Apple say “If you’re new to OS X app development, your first step is […]

Hello, Cocoa!

My approach to learning a new programming language involves reading and hands on practice, combined with a clear objective of what I want to accomplish. My initial objective in learning Objective-C is just to have […]