Windows Phone 7

Last week I picked up a Windows Phone 7 running on a HTC Mozart handset. Added a few Apps (Feed Reader, Weather, Adobe Reader) and have been listening to FM Radio. Some highlights include a […]

Open standards

I’m quite impressed with the current drive for and adoption of open technology standards in business. Open standards include (but are not limited to) UML, WSDL, HTML etc. Open standards demonstrate forward thinking in systems […]

My Epiphany

Recently I’ve groked standards based web technology in a way that can only be described as an epiphany. This doesn’t mean I’ve turned my back on what I’ve known before, rather it means I’ve seen […]

Critical Thinking

It’s interesting how different points of view can lead people to have different opinions given the same basic information. I’ve been a long time fan of building desktop software for Windows and have resisted the […]

Live Mesh

Live Mesh is Microsoft’s offering (currently in beta) on the future of Cloud Computing for consumers. Live Mesh integrates with Windows Explorer and lets you specify folders & files that you want to synchronise between […]