• Swift on Linux: SPM

    The Swift Package Manager (SPM) is a tool for creating Swift applications and managing their dependencies. SPM supports Executable and Library projects and is included as part of the Swift installation. Prerequisites1. You’ll need Swift and Git installed before using SPM. To make a new Swift application, setup a folder for the project.$ mkdir -p…

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  • Swift on Linux: REPL

    Swift provides an interactive Read Eval Print Loop (REPL), which is accessed by typing swift at the command prompt. $ swiftWelcome to Swift version 5.2.2 (swift-5.2.2-RELEASE).Type :help for assistance.1> Lets try a new feature from the latest version of Swift. We can see what is new in Swift from the Revision History. One interesting new…

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  • Swift on Linux: Getting Started

    Swift currently officially supports running on Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04, 20.04) and Red Hat derivatives (currently CentOS 8 and Amazon Linux 2). These are a few ways to get Linux*; A Virtual Machine e.g. VirtualBox A repurposed PC e.g. try using a live USB A dedicated PC e.g. System76 However you choose to get Linux, install…

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  • Get the Latest Docker on Ubuntu

    To get the latest Docker version on your existing Ubuntu or to get any Docker version onto the latest Ubuntu version, Docker Docs have instructions for performing a binary install.1. Install static binaries2. Manage Docker as a non-root user If you want Docker to start automatically on boot.1. Manually create the systemd unit files2. Configure…

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  • Setup a Linux Machine for Go Development

    According to the Go Developer Survey 64% of Go Programmers use Linux. Here is how I setup my Galago Pro for developing in Go on POP!_OS. Basics (Power Management, Internet Browser, Terminal Emulator) Tlp $ sudo apt install tlp tlp-rdw $ sudo tlp start (or starts automatically after reboot) Chromium $ sudo apt install chromium-browser…

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  • Adding Command Buttons to the Hexagonal Map Game

    Introduction This article demonstrates how to overlay Button Elements onto an Hexagonal TileMap in SpriteKit. The buttons will stay fixed in place while the map moves and the buttons will respond to touch events by executing specific commands. The Hexagonal TileMap is an SKTileMapNode and the buttons are a composite of SKSpriteNode and SKLabelNode. Prerequisites…

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I’ve been working as an enterprise software engineer for more than 15 years, using the .NET platform and recently building for iOS with Swift. My degree is in Business Studies, majoring in information systems, where I learnt the fundamentals of software engineering for building systems for business.