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More Hello Cocoa!

This is the second iteration of a Hello World Application in Cocoa, enhanced with a sidebar typical of many Mac applications. Apple say “If you’re new to OS X app development, your first step is […]

Hello, Cocoa!

My approach to learning a new programming language involves reading and hands on practice, combined with a clear objective of what I want to accomplish. My initial objective in learning Objective-C is just to have […]

Thank God the French exist

For the past decade I have been bombarded with the advice that web technology (HTML, CSS & Javascript) is the future of software development. Now that the desktop era has given way to the mobile […]

Evaluating OS X Lion

My Summer challenge has been to evaluate OS X Lion as a computing platform, from the perspective of both a user and a software developer. With a new MacBook Pro, trackpad, keyboard and my existing […]

Introducing Do

The past few months I’ve been busy building an app for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Do is a Todo list with reminders that will help you to get the important tasks done. Do uses many […]