Draw a Sparkline with D3

Overview A Sparkline is a kind of line chart, usually drawn without axes, placed inline with text e.g. with tabular data. It is the simplest of visualisations and an ideal entry into learning D3. This […]

Deploy a React application to Heroku

Deploying the example React App to Heroku is performed using Git commands. After setting up on Heroku, you add Heroku as a remote in your git config. Git requires an SSH Key for secure communication […]

Exploring React, Less and Express

Learning React requires quite some knowledge of the modern JavaScript build pipeline (node.js especially), but it is worth exploring this gem of a technology. The usual approach to get skilled in React is to look […]

Setup MacBook for node.js Development

I’ve recently setup a new MacBook (1.2GHz, 512GB Flash Storage) for developing node.js based React and Express applications. I chose this MacBook for its portability and high resolution display. The following is a log of […]

Software Engineering on an Apple Mac

I have observed a lot of software engineers using Apple Macs for web development. But this is not the case in Australia, at least in my experience, probably because the emphasis is more on building […]