Get the Latest Docker on Ubuntu

Docker is easy to install from the Ubuntu repositories if you’re on an LTS release. I’m usually not though, so this is how I get the latest Docker onto my Ubuntu developer setup. Download the […]

Setup a Linux Machine for Go Development

According to the Go Developer Survey 64% of Go Programmers use Linux. Here is how I setup my Galago Pro for developing in Go on POP!_OS. Basics (Power Management, Internet Browser, Terminal Emulator) Tlp $ […]

Adding Command Buttons to the Hexagonal Map Game

Introduction This article demonstrates how to overlay Button Elements onto an Hexagonal TileMap in SpriteKit. The buttons will stay fixed in place while the map moves and the buttons will respond to touch events by […]

Introducing Galago Pro

I’ve recently switched from an Apple MacBook to a System76 Galago Pro with Ubuntu 17.04 as my personal computer. The reason why is to make some dots. My observation is that we are converging on […]

Looking at GameplayKit

Introduction This article explores the use of Entity Component System (ECS), Pathfinding and State Machine components in the GameplayKit Framework. I don’t make any claims of expertise on the topic of GameplayKit, other than I’m […]