My Summer challenge has been to evaluate OS X Lion as a computing platform, from the perspective of both a user and a software developer. With a new MacBook Pro, trackpad, keyboard and my existing Samsung monitor, I resolved to go cold turkey on Windows.

As a user I’ve quickly got up to speed and had no dramas, choosing to migrate from Hotmail to Gmail being the biggest challenge. The Sparrow email client is a light weight and capable application for Gmail. Learning keyboard shortcuts and generally getting productive has taken some time. There are a lot of customisations for the trackpad e.g tap to click and speed of movement. Gestures for the trackpad are great e.g. swiping to go back a page in the browser.

As a developer I’ve looked at Xcode/Objective-C for building native applications for the Mac desktop and iPad. I also setup a Ruby on Rails environment and created a simple web application. There is much to learn here and I have a few project ideas to keep things moving along.

The learning curve is large but I know what I want to do. It’s just a matter of finding the right way to do it. The biggest surprise is that I haven’t needed to start my Windows laptop or been tempted to run Windows on the MacBook.

My opinion of OS X Lion so far…it just works.

Written by Mark Brownsword

I've been working as an enterprise developer for more than 15 years, always using .NET platform and recently building for iOS with Swift. My degree is in Business Studies, majoring in information systems, where I learnt the fundamentals of software engineering for building systems for business.

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