Setup MacBook for node.js Development

I’ve recently setup a new MacBook (1.2GHz, 512GB Flash Storage) for developing node.js based React and Express applications. I chose this MacBook for its portability and high resolution display. The following is a log of what I installed to get things up and running. 

Install Alfred
Install Chrome

## Tooling
Install Textmate
Install Pathfinder
Install MarsEdit
Install Sublime 
– Add Package Control
– Add Theme (Spacegrey)
– Add Sidebar folder excludes (node_modules, build)
– Add SymLink (so can subl . in Terminal)
– Add Plugins for Less, Babel-React, EditorConfig

## Prequisites for software engineering
Install Xcode + Command line tools (need to run Xcode after install)
Install Homebrew
Install Git (using Homebrew)
– Verify correct version of Git is active (ensure /usr/local/bin is at beginning of path using echo $PATH)
– Configure Git (User, Editor)
– Create SSH Key
  – Add generated Key to Bitbucket, Github and Heroku
  – Verify (ssh -T

## NVM & Node
Install nvm
– Verify (nvm –version)
– Install required node versions (nvm install 0.10)
– Set node version (nvm use 0.10)
– Set default node version (nvm alias default stable) 

Installing NVM was the most challenging part of the installation. I have been developing React applications using jest for unit testing, which has a dependency on node version 0.10.38, so decided that the Node version manager would be useful because I don’t want to sit on an old node version forever, but will need to maintain this application into the future. My first attempt was to install NVM with Homebrew, but this didn’t appear to work correctly (put it down to a lack of understanding of how to source bash configuration). I then tried the cUrl script on the Github page* which provided a decent experience and provided some clarity on how the NVM installation adds its path entries to the .bashrc file, so this must be sourced in .bash_profile to get things working correctly in Terminal **. Note that I installed NVM first, so no ’system’ node.js installation exists on my MacBook.

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